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Mission: The current LCHS mission is to serve all persons and organizations interested in Lorain County's past, present and future by: collecting, preserving, interpreting and presenting the history of Lorain County.Our development of the new Lorain County History Center at the Starr House has greatly enhanced our ability to accomplish this mission and to provide learning opportunities for all of Lorain County's citizens


The Lorain County Historical Society was organized on January 26, 1889, at the home of Mrs. W. E. Miller by members of the Lorain County Centennial Loan Association. Today, the Society provides educational programs and activities to varied audiences throughout Lorain County. These include: occasional publications, lectures, workshops, museum tours and outreach programs (traveling suitcase, slide, PowerPoint, and living history presentations). In addition, the Society has sponsored the development of a local genealogical chapter, County Preservation Network, and an informal association comprised of representatives from all of the other historical and genealogical organizations in the county called the Inter Society. The group also operates a research library and has archives available to interested researchers.


For more information, see the Lorain County Historical Society website.

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