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Q: What is the VOL Clubhouse's layout and capacity?


A: The building is approximately 3800 square feet, with a seating capacity of 200.  For receptions with a dance floor, seating of 160 is more comfortable. The building has a main room, bar area, porch, and prep-kitchen.  A drawing of the clubhouse space is attached below. Specific dimensions include:

The second floor office and apartment space is not included in the rental.

However, there is an east apartment available as a bride's ready room as an optional add on in the contract.  

Beach access is also unavailable at this time and awaiting restoration.

Q: What seating and table options are available?


A: We have a variety of table sizes and shapes to meet you needs.  However, feel free to bring or rent anything we don't have available on site. Available tables are:

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